3. Ahamkara

The individual consciousness, the feeling that "I" exist. It is though the manifestation of ego that consciousness, veiled by maya "illusion", starts to make/take on false identities. It is this that creates the perception of limited individuality, the individuated mind born of ahamkara.

It is the part of creation that is maya, acting as a veilover the supreme nature of reality.
As the ego continues to divide, all things in the transient world come into manifestation.
The intellect, the mind and the ego are like gatekeepers, and the five senses are the gates.

Ahamkara is the process of all division. It determines "this is this" and "that is that".
It is from ahamkara that all diseases manifest.
The wrong use of the action and senses creates an imbalance in our body, mind and soul.
It is the cause of war and poverty.

The ego creates division, like the walls in the house. If you demolish the walls "ego" the house disappers and you have ownly space.
Remove the ego and you will again become space.
When there is a curtain over the window, we cannot see the blue sky.
If we remove teh sens of "I" from our mind, we will be able to see the light within us.

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