2. Mahat and Buddhi

Mahat means "great" and applies to the whole of creation. Creating is a wondrous, mystical dance of the union of form and formless.
Mahat is perfect, universal, the ideal creation, transcendental beyond time and space.

Divine Consciousness comes down to the level of individual manifestation and becomes discrimination. Discrimination is the conscious awareness of truth and untruth, right and wrong, eternal and transient.

Through the power of discrimination, the Divine Mind merges back into Itself.

When mahat becomes individualized it is known as buddhi, the intellect with the power of thought and reason.

Mahat joined with buddhi becomes a jiva, the individual consciousness.
The jiva is the soul in union with the senses. It is housed in the body and is empowered by ego. It is associated with ignorance and karma. It is subject to pleasure and pain, to actions and their fruits, and constantly repeats the cycle of birth and death "reincarnation".

The intellect, or buddhi is the most important of all the manifestations of prakriti,
The senses offer their objects to the intellect.
The intellect is the instrument that is the medium between the sense organs and the Self.

All of the concepts and projections that arise from sensation, reflection or consciousness are recorded and stored in the intellect before they can be known to the Self.
The intellect discriminates between the real and the unreal, between truth and untruth.

Train the mind using the weapons of discrimination and detachment in order to convince yourself that the body is non- eternal.
The real thing, which makes it beautiful and shining, that is the Supreme Consciousness.


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