Pratyahara is introversion, or the withdrawal of the senses from their objects of attachment. One takes the awareness from external objects to the internal. When our sense faculties become detached from “things,” the mind enters into a deeper stillness. By controlling sensory input, one can attain inner calm and peace.

“The thoughts of the mind are like the waves of the ocean. One cannot stop the waves by force. But when the ocean is deep, the waves subside. Similarly, try to concentrate the mind on one thought, instead of trying to stop all thoughts by force. The ocean of the mind will become deeper and it will become quiet. Even if there are small waves on the surface, it will be peaceful”

Regular withdrawal of the senses, though, weekly fasting and silence, greatly helps to calm the mind and one`s attachments to the outer world start to diminish.

There is a saying in the scriptures that if we cannot control the tongue (speech or food), then it is not possible to control the mind. Fasting and silence is helpful.

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