1. Purusha and Prakriti

Everything emerges from prakriti, represented by Shakti, the Divine Feminine, doer and enjoyer, first cosmic principle, the original pure creative energy.
And then is infused with purusha, represented by Shiva, the Divine Masculine, the un-manifested consciousness, all- pervading, eternal, unknowable, the state beyond all fluctuations of manifestation, formless awareness that is beyond attributes, cause and effect, time and space, the supreme Self/Atman, that is beyond body consciousness.
Purusha is beyond prakriti, mind, intellect and the senses.
                       It is the eternal seer, the witness.
Purusha and Prakriti are "anandi" beginning-less and "ananta" infinite.
While Purusha exist solely in and of itself, prakriti exist because of purusha.
All objects are for the enjoyment of the soul.

Prakriti creates only when She comes in to union with purusha.
This dance is created for the emancipation of each individual soul.
The ultimate truth is that neither is possible without the other, and in reality neither is masculine or feminine.
Union of Shiva and Shakti is one being; Ardhanarishvara.

From the union of pure consciousness and pure creativity comes the manifestation of the universe.
Out of nothing comes the One 1
Out of One comes the Two     2
Out of Two comes the Three   3
Out of Three comes all things.

1; Undividable truth
2; Union of Shiva and Shakti
3; The three gunas universal qualities

In order to feel real love and compassion, one must realize the oneness of the life force that sustains and is the substratum of the entire universe. Everything is pervaded by consciousness. It is that consciousness that sustains the world and all the creatures in it.
To worship everything, seeing God in all, that is what religion advises.


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