The nature of movement and action. Power of observation. The active force that moves sattva in to action. With the mind's gaze looking outward, we start desiring, thus rajas is the essence of desire. It characterizes motion and stimulation. It influences all endeavors, including the logical, rational, thinking mind. It creates indecisiveness, unreliability, hyperactivity and anxiety.
It creates lust and greed for money, material luxuries an comfort. When one has desire, attachment follows. These attachments are the cause of all suffering. It is self - serving and considers its own interests first, at any cost. Rajas balanced with sattva, manifests love and compassion. Disturbed it brings anger, rage, hostility and disease. It is the manifestation of ego or individualization. The five organs of action and the active mind come from rajas.

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Ramon Deluca

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Akrobatik Yoga Thun

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Jeden Dienstag in der Kultur Oase Farbgasse 8 Frutigen ab 20.00-22.00 Uhr Beginner Akrobatik / Acro Yoga Klassen.

 Jeden Donnerstag im Bahia Dance Malerweg 2 Thun ab 19.00- 21.00 finden 2 stündige Acro Yoga Klassen für 35.- Franken pro Person (30.- Franken pro Person mit Partner) statt. 

Gleichzeitig können wir auf Vereinsebene (120.- Franken Mitgliederbeitrag pro Jahr)

das bereits gelernte, anwenden und miteinander austauschen.

Auf Anfrage unterrichtet Partner Akrobatik Yoga Lehrer Ramon, auch Privat Acro Yoga Klassen bei euch Zu Hause.