Samadhi is complete immersion into the Self. Samadhi means “to place firmly,” “to bring together” or “to merge.” Patanjali refers to this in the Yoga Sutras as Svarupa Avasthanam (establishment in one`s true Self). In Samadhi, our personal, separate identity completely dissolves. At that moment of Samadhi external awareness ceases to exist. This doesn’t mean that we are physically dead. It simply means that we experience the whole universe as the one Self. We become one with the Divine. The conscious mind merges back into the source from which it was born. The absolute and eternal freedom of an individual soul is beyond all techniques and stages and beyond all time and place. Once free, the soul does not return to samsara (the cycle of birth, death and rebirth).

Samadhi is the ultimate goal. All paths, practices and methods culminate in Samadhi. The rishis (sages) say that in the state of perfect Samadhi, the soul experiences the complete light of Absolute Reality. Such an enlightened being maintains an individual personality in order to function in the world and guide all sentient being to the goal. However, those who have merged in Samadhi are completely free of all attachment to the created personality. Samadhi is the only eternally true reality; everything else is constantly changing and can never bring everlasting peace or happiness. The scriptures say that once it is attained, staying in Samadhi is effortless.

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