The pure state of mind or consciousness, a clear, light, innocent and undisturbed inner sate of being. Content and divine in nature, the union of the heart and mind. It is virtuous, patient and compassionate- the mind in its natural state of pure being.
This mind reflects clarity of perception and peace of mind. Free from suffering and is a beacon of light for the world.
Always engaged in good actions and work toward the betterment of humanity.
As we increase the amount of sattva within us, over spiritual vibration and the positive aspects of our personalities are greatly enhanced.
One who is endowed with sattva has control over emotions, thoughts and actions. They are lawful, tolerant and serene, possess a stable intellect and are not egoistical.
The mind as well as the five sensory organs ant the five organs of action, manifest from the union of sattva and rajas.

Anmeldung für Klassen oder Kurse:

Ramon Deluca

Farbgasse 8

3714 Frutigen

+41 79 567 85 15




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Akrobatik Yoga Thun

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Jams/offene Trainings und Klassen

Auf Anmeldung:

Jeden Dienstag in der Kultur Oase Farbgasse 8 Frutigen ab 20.00-22.00 Uhr Beginner Akrobatik / Acro Yoga Klassen.

 Jeden Donnerstag im Bahia Dance Malerweg 2 Thun ab 19.00- 21.00 finden 2 stündige Acro Yoga Klassen für 35.- Franken pro Person (30.- Franken pro Person mit Partner) statt. 

Gleichzeitig können wir auf Vereinsebene (120.- Franken Mitgliederbeitrag pro Jahr)

das bereits gelernte, anwenden und miteinander austauschen.

Auf Anfrage unterrichtet Partner Akrobatik Yoga Lehrer Ramon, auch Privat Acro Yoga Klassen bei euch Zu Hause.