External observances of righteous behavior.
Developing the power of self- observation.
The 5 yamas maintain harmony within ourselves and our environment.
All are rooted in "ahimsa" non-violence toward all living beings- in thoughts, word or action- at all times. Non- hatred.

1. Ahimsa non- violence/harmfulness
not hurting another sentient being by thought, word or deed, Including plants, animals and minerals. Our negative emotions harm us as well as others.
We must evolve for all human conflict a method, which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.
With love comes tolerance and forgiveness. Real ahimsa is to sincerely forgive the trespass committed by others.

2. Satya truthfulness/non lying
being honest with ourselves in every aspect of our lives.
When we don't tell the truth, we communicate to the universe that we don't trust or that we lack of faith.
It is also essential to avoid unnecessary conflicts, if speaking the truth could harm someone, then is it better to remain silent ahimsa.

3. Brahmacharya celibacy, study the scriptures
refers to right use of sexual energy.
More detailed information’s in the text of Astanga Hridayam.
Preservation of sexual energy leads to increased healing and spiritual energy.
If you go on craving for worldly pleasures, happiness cannot be gained. Understand that objects are ephemeral, search for the eternal, the real source of happiness, the Self.
Renounce greed, selfishness and jealousy.
If you can do this, in due course you will reach the state where all desires end.

4. Asteya non- stealing
not to take what doesn't belong to us, including both material and non-material things.
Taking credit for something we didn’t to or blaming and defaming someone for something are also ways of stealing. Even wasting food can be considered theft.

5. Aparigraha non greedines
from the awareness that nothing really belongs to us. We come into this world empty- handed and we shall leave the same way. We should use only the things we truly need, without taking any excess. Constant watchfulness makes you so pure that, at last, you yourself become the very embodiment of purity- and that in your true being.
You then behold everything as pure consciousness.
Matter, witch is ever- changing, loses its importance. Within everything you see only the immutable Atman/Self.

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